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Founded in 2008 LED Flower Growlights is specialized in offering energysaving growing methods for greenhouses and horticulture.

There is a huge range of LED grow systems, LED Flower growlights only sells high quality and certified products that have proven their growth and flowering.

We have chosen the original products of the suppliers LED Spectra Unit ® and LFG Spectrabox ®.

Led Spectra Unit  LFG Spectrabox


Create your own grow and flower led spectrum:

IMG_2647.jpg-BorderMaker  IMG_2579.jpg-BorderMaker


LFG spectrabox PRO III

It is now possible to create your own LED spectrum with 3 spectrum controllers. You can purchase the latest generation of LFG Spectrabox PRO III purchased from us. This unit has a growth spectrum controller, a flowering spectrum controller and a total spectrum controller.

Professional LED growing with the LED Spectra unit


The LED Spectra Unit special II has three switches which make it possible to switch on and off the growth spectrum, flowering spectrum and the spectrum separately. In contrast to spectrum controllers, there is no loss in luminosity.

Greenhouse project:


The certified LED Spectra Unit and LFG spectrabox have proven growing result.

Check the reports on our website.

We wish you lots of growing fun. You can order all our products through our webshop.